What are the values of hiring an Architect over a Builder?

Ugly Houses are hard to live and Sell

Working on home renovation projects, I usually come across a lot of homes with bad floor plans, awkward proportions, and with little natural light. These houses are generally designed by builders, not architects.

So why are these houses done by the builders in the first hand and why do we need to look for an architect on remodeling at a later stage. Are the Builders licensed to design your home? In India, it is a common practice seen everywhere in the construction industry.

What is the reason behind it?

Some homeowners are hesitant to hire an Architect as they believe that the design services offered will be too expensive. The truth, however, is that investing in a designer or an Architect is worth every penny, no matter if it’s for a luxury home project or a simple remodeling job.

Architects are licensed professionals who have undergone the right amount of internships and training. They understand and can anticipate client’s needs and create a design around it. They have the creative skill to produce a detailed plan based on your particular needs and desired designs that are sensitive to the existing architecture of your home.

The most valuable asset that an architect can bring to a residential construction job is creativity. Even if you have a good design sense, getting assistance from an experienced Architect can bring in new fresh design ideas that you may not have thought about till now. They bring an interesting, new perspective to your new home design or an innovative design solution to a remolding problem.

Getting a home done from contractor might fulfill the functional part, but creative input at this stage can elevate your design from the merely functional to something special. Initial costs in getting the design from a builder may look less and attractive, but you may end up with a bad home design and later spend double the amount for design changes or remodeling the structure, escalating the cost tremendously.

The contractor may know a lot more about small details of residential construction than the architect. If, however, you want a home which is beautiful and functional, you may be better off hiring the architectural firm to take the project from concept to completion than builders as this idea of a home may sound unfamiliar to most of them.


A good architect can indeed bring a lot to the table.

An architect often produces more attractive and creative design works such as a highly functional floor plan, good natural lighting and ventilation system, and good integration plan with the building site.

What makes an Architect valuable is the ability to develop and refine a vision of the completed project that you can see and understand. Architects are experts at seeing not only the big picture but also the hundreds of tiny steps between concept and completion.

Architects are worth every money spent on the initial design stage than redoing the whole thing later.