Can/how design of the restaurant or bar help brand achieve certain business goals?

Can/how design of the restaurant or bar help brand achieve certain business goals?

Restaurants are places of good times and great food.

Any commercial design has two functions, to give pleasure and to sell. If a designer is able to capture both these elements, space can be created that can provide real value for a customer. Understanding how a customer will interact with space is the key. Design should be able to capture exact point where customers make their decision.

Here are some of the design elements that are key decision-making points…..

What is the theme/concept of the restaurant?

What kind of restaurant is it? It is a classy, casual, fine dining or fast food joint.Matching the look and feel of the restaurant to the branding is important. After all, you wouldn’t like to be served Chinese food in a south Indian style restaurant.

 Color plays a role in the happiness of your customers

In designing a restaurant interior, it is essential to select a color palette that is both captivating and appetizing. Choosing certain color can make customer eat and drink merrThe right color can mean customer eating more food or spending more time in the restaurant.

As per research, red, green and yellow colors stimulate appetite. These colors along with bright lighting are especially appropriate for a casual dining restaurant or fast food establishment as they encourage quick turnover, On the other hand, muted, subtle colors that are neither too bright nor too light create a restful, leisurely family atmosphere that can keep customers chatting over their post-dining coffee longer.

Lighting can certainly make a big impact

Lighting not only helps provide illumination and visual pleasure but also affects people psychology like colors.

Natural sunlight compared to artificial lighting benefits humans psychologically and physically by creating an open feel and also making feel better eating in your restaurant.That is why large windows are suggested to bring in more natural light.

So a good lighting design natural or artificial can transform the environment, mood and right ambiance for the customer. Can also make space feel expansive or intimate, subdued or exciting, friendly or hostile, quiet or full of electrifying energy”

But this very element is generally overlooked and under budgeted.

What’s in the Seating Arrangement?

Every customer who enters the restaurant looks for that special seat as per his mood, occasion and time pressure. So flexible design and clever seating arrangement in which customers can feel at ease according to their desires is another important element. So seating for everyone from dinners who are either looking for special solitary spaces or their own buzz zones for socializing with friends.

Graphic communication

Graphic design plays an important role in making virtual conversation with customers. But it should not only get confined to menus. The whole space can be beautifully used for imagery and messaging.

So to conclude, the design here is not about creating a fancy looking restaurant for making the brand stand out but about understanding customer interaction with different spaces and elements of design. Designing is not about decorating a space but helping brand achieving its business goals.